Don't Compromise! Get behind someone who knows just the right properties and the right people. As a Coordinator for Global Real Estate Inc. I have the expertise to manage everything from start to finish.

* Secure a mortgage ( From all type of lenders A, B and C)

* Islamic Finance available

* Free Market Evaluation with no obligation. Trust me on that. Just call me, I will come by and we can have a good chit chat over the coffee about what's going on in the market or we can just talk about anything you like to talk about!

* Property Staging.This helps in getting the best look of the beautiful property.

* Help with Lawyers.

* Help with Movers.

* Everything and Anything that comes in between! or even before or after.I am just a call/text/email away.

* Excellent market knowledge and great forecast about future market and trends.

* Help in Investments and helping you make the right investment at the right time, which is crucial and matters most!

* Helps in Commercial Properties

* Helps in Residential Properties.

I am a great help and have the right expertise and just the right contacts. This is not everything I can be a help at, but just to mention a few. You will def. not be disappointed. I strongly believe in giving back to the community! and that is one of the many reasons I support "SickKids Foundation" for every transaction that I do.